Finding the right professional is important to getting what you need out of counseling. While having someone who can offer professional guidance is important, you also need someone who can empathize with your situation. I provide an approach that is direct, but understanding to ensure that our time together is productive and validating. I encourage you to read through the links provided so that you can feel as comfortable and informed as possible before contacting me.

  • Counseling for Men

Men aren't usually forthcoming about their struggles. Often, men choose to stew with their thoughts and feelings rather than finding healthy ways of working through them. Typically, this is because it's not socially acceptable to be open about our problems. We're likely to both feel and be viewed as weak, whiney, and inadequate as men.  However, that's the result of inaccurate beliefs that often get in the way of men seeking counseling, at least until confronted with a life-altering crisis.  LEARN MORE


  • Stress management

We all encounter stress and we all cope with stress in uniques ways. Sometimes these are through healthy means such as exercising, painting, and socializing.  Other times, we cope in more destructive ways such as binge drinking, isolating ourselves, and procrastinating. Managing stress takes practice, skill, and an awareness of both your abilities and limitations. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the demands of life that we lose sight of the importance of self-care. LEARN MORE

  • Relationships

Relationships are key to living a healthy life, accomplishing our goals, and overcoming adversity. However, sometimes we have trouble cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships in our lives. Whether it's with friends, parents, or partners, we may find that we need to keep others as an arm's length, rather than allowing ourselves to be close and emotionally available. We also may find ourselves in toxic relationships where we know that pulling away is the right thing to do, yet we can't seem to make that decision. Whatever the reason, knowing the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships will help you experience more fulfillment with those closest to you.  

  • Young adults

Young adults face unique challenges in today's world. From a vastly changing job landscape, to the prevalence of technology, to an increasingly diverse culture, young adults today have both more options available to pursue, but also an increasing number of barriers to achieving stability. Transitioning from your teens to adulthood comes with new ways of exploring your life and opportunities to develop your identity. It also comes with great social expectations that can be difficult to navigate. However, with the right tools, these years can be highly enjoyable and rewarding. LEARN MORE